Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Madrid - Elche - Santa Pola - Alicante, Spain

 Busy streets of Madrid...I took this shot quickly while crossing the street - we were hostelhunting atm

 Some amazing food from Mercado de San Miguel <3
 My beautiful cousin Daria - she is wearing no make up and yet looks gorgeous every day!
 I felt like everything was beautiful at this moment - light, streets, smell of air, the people...
 Me waiting for our ride to arrive - we decided to head to Elche that day
 Sunset snapshot - taken from a car
 Our beautiful, crazy, young new friend - who's name was also Daria! She spoke no English but we survived with my bad Spanish and sign language - and we had so much fun in her hometown!

 Daria made us some Spanish food at home...This is a typical cold soup called Gazpacho!
 In Elche, everything was cheaper than Madrid, and so we found a perfect place where you can get churros and coffee for 3 euros

I loved the palmtrees in Elche - because of the wrong camera lens I could not get the whole scenery unfortunately...

So we went to Madrid without pre booking accomodation - and ended up having the craziest adventure! My advice to travellers is not to plan it too far ahead - only that way you can feel the freedom, lack of constrains...We ended up going down south to the coast, eating homemade Spanish food, swimming in the sea and laughing our asses off with someone who can barely speak our language and we can barely speak hers. But that is maybe what I needed - too often life gives us weeks, even months planned ahead, and we just become robotic slaves of time. This time, when we finally took a 5 hour night bus ride back to grab our stuff from the hostel in Madrid, I felt I truly had one of the best times of my life. I think it's because I learned that we can plan life however much we want, but we will never be able to control what is has planned for us at the end of the day. I left Spain with a pocket full of memories, knowing that I have a new friend there, and still laughing in the plane about the crazy stuff (such as hichhiking to a club) we did. The person next to me probably thought I was crazy, but oh well...

-Rita xx

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