Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kensington Market & The Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario

Looking for some European vibes in North America? Sick of browsing the shops downtown in Toronto? Head to Kensigton Market or The Distillery District - and you will find the hipster-trendy-alternative-hippie-student side of the big city. If you are on a lower budget, Kensigton Market is the place for food, fresh fruits and second hand shops. If you have more money to spend, head for the pretty boutiques in the distillery. They are difficult to complete in one day - as you can see from my different outfits, we used two different days to visit these places.

This trip to Toronto was different than previous times. I realised I don't want to live in across the Atlantic, although that used to be one of my dreams. It is not only the lack of history and culture, it is the fact that the whole society seems to be running around consumerism - it is normal to go shopping just to pass time, for example. I don't claim that doesn't exist in Europe, but I genuenly feel like the Europeans are less materialistic than North Americans. Well. Maybe it's just me anyway...

The Distillery however, has an interesting story to tell. Check this video to find out how the area came about:

-Rita xx

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