Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Forgotten files: Barcelona, Catalonia

So I visited Barcelona in December, and this is what it looked like. We had a free walking tour with a local guy who was explaining everything from the history of Catalonia (and the efforts to hide the history) to good places to grab a perfect sangria drink.

Some tips to share:

-When going to the food market, enter from the back door. Much less crowd, and you will get to see a nice courtyard as well. Oh, and remember to buy something besides from taking pictures to support local producers ;)

-NEVER go to a place that does both paella and tapas. It is most likely only for tourists, since these are two different things and traditionally served in different restaurants. Also, never eat in Las Ramblas - only tourists eat there, and oh well they have tapas and paella in a same place...

- TRY pinchos.

That's all I can remember now, but the walking tour (or 'chill out tour') will help you to find good spots and ask more questions from a local youngster (obviously even better if you have friends that can take you around). It is notable that we went there when it was not exactly beach weather, so maybe on a hot summer weekend Barcelona will be much more about beaches and parties than anyhing else, haha.

-Rita xx

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