Monday, 16 March 2015

Street BBQ, Somewhere in the souk, Marrakech

...Just wanted to share a few last random pics from Morocco. Third picture is from a 'street bbq' spot I found from the middle of the busy bazaars, and it might not be the poshest place (you eat from a small chair and there is no cutlery) it is absolutely tasty and very authentic Moroccan. You can have lamb on a 'shish', fresh bread, lentils and salad + mint tea for about 2,5 pounds. Don't go if you have a sensitive stomach - but for everyone else, I would recommend 100%. If you can find there, of course...
The higher off the ground you eat, the more pricy and touristy it often is - so if you want to eat with the locals, keep your feet on the ground and avoid eating in terraces with views. They are of course nice to try, but while in Morocco you should also try to do as Moroccans ;)

-Rita x

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