Saturday, 14 March 2015

Equity Point, Marrakech, Morocco

Haha this shouldn't even be called a blog anymore, more like a place where I write my thoughts every 3 months or so...

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy, I wanted to share some pics and tips from Marrakech. I have been a slave of time ever since summer; tried to get everything done without taking time for myself. I am running between internship (project assistant), job (waitress), volunteering (refugee council) and university (full-time course). I moved on my own, and experienced many difficulties on the way. Nevertheless, I learned, and decided to take a break from the city life and travel on my own for a few days.

Why Marrakech? First answer is because it was cheap. Secondly, the flight is only 3 hours from London, so it's quite easy to go for just a small break. I stayed in a hostel called Equity Point, and you could basically just walk there and get a bed, since the rates for one night change every day (it is usually around 10 pounds per night). It was absolutely beautiful, and breakfast was included! The best thing was other travellers I met; I got to hear so many inspiring travel stories. Only minus was that my bed had bed bugs, I was actually terrified when I figured it out after the first night. Mine was the only bed in a dorm with bugs though, so maybe it's worth checking your bed before you sleep there. And btw, it's a myth that bed bugs don't live in fancy hotels, travellers can bring them anywhere from any country, even to the best 5 star resorts...

I visited quite a few places during my 3 days there. If you are staying longer than 3 days, I would recommend making a trip to the beach towns or the desert, since Marrakech is pretty much all about the souks. I will post about an amazing feminist exhibition and cool street barbeque that I discovered later on!

-Rita x

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