Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Donna Margherita, 183 Lavender Hill, London

This dish was simple - aubergine, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese -and yet so tasty

I visited this place a while ago, but forgot to share here. It was definitely one of the best Italian places that I have tried in London! I had a Risotto for a main, which was not really the best choice, I learned later - Risotto is something they do well in northern parts of Italy, whereas the south is famous for various other dishes (read: SEAFOOD). However, the food was great and the place has been ranked one of the best ones in London, and they also have an award for best pizza in town. For being such a nice, popular place on a decent location (accessible easily by bus) the price was not too bad either. Also, you will learn a bit of history of the city of Naples -either by asking from staff or reading from their webpage, which you can access here. I will try to visit again, and order some fish this time, haha.

-Rita xx

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