Wednesday, 2 July 2014

First day in Lisbon

These are pictures in very irrational order from our first day in the beautiful city. We bumped into a huge event, called 'Mega Picnic' that was organized on a big avenue, and that's where the balloon pic is from. They had brought all kinds of farm animals to the event, probably to bring countryside feeling to the city. My head was just playing the song ''...Old McDonald had a farm, eiiieeiiioooo....'' hahah. It also made me remember how much we city people are dependent on farmers important work. Then we walked to the beautiful sea side. That was the first time when I realized the great thing about Lisbon - you can walk pretty much everywhere, so nice when comparing to London! You can't swim where these pics were taken, but the view is still breathtaking, so it is still well worth a nice walk and pictures.

I find Portuguese old people really beautiful - they probably thought I'm some kind of a creep just taking pictures of them...

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