Thursday, 12 June 2014


I am not actually religious, which contradicts the heading, but right now I wish I was, since for so many people praying brings incredible ability to stay positive.

I am also not Iraqi, to be excact; I am Kurdish, from the north of the country. My parents were one of those forced to leave the city of Kirkuk in the 1980's because of Saddam's policies. But they were also amongst many who enjoyed the way Saddam enhanced the country. Although a dictator and a man discriminating against Kurds like my family, he cared, after all, about his country, unlike US, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Russia, who's governments do not in fact even want Iraq to prosper like it did a long time ago. Times when Baghdad was a centre of free education, culture, architechture and science are so far back I can't even remember, only hear from stories.

Why do I care, then? Shouldn't I be happy of the fact that finally the failed government asked help from the long discriminated Kurds, my people, who now claim to have power over Kirkuk? No. I don't want the country to fall apart. A system of separation has proved ending in continuous war and bitter, as we can see in many countries in Africa, for instance. Iraq deserves to survive; it has so much potential; not just the oil, but the nature, the fact that it is so historically and culturally rich, and furthermore its beautiful people don't deserve to suffer anymore. During Saddam's strict secularism, no one knew whether their neighbour was Shia or Sunni, Christian or Atheist. It proves people CAN live together, as they have before 2003.

However, these events since 2003 will stay in memories, and I don't know if people can achieve the power to forget and forgive.

If you want to know more what is happening in Iraq, there are not much 24/7 English sources. I use BBC, France 24, Al Jazeera English and Al Monitor. I am lucky to get my parents to translate me all the Arabic news, but some of the English reports are really good as well. The best thing to do is to read the news bearing in mind WHY is this all happening; it is indeed NOT just because of the system within Iraq itself...


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