Sunday, 29 June 2014

Benfica, Lisbon

We stayed in this neighbourhood in Lisboa Design Apartment. It was absolutely stunning, not just because of the beautiful elder people of the city, but because of many cute cafes, shops and colorful buildings it has. We had a beautiful church and a cute cafe (where you can get amazing breakfast for 2 euros) just 2 minutes away from the apartment. Also, there was Benfica market nearby, where you can buy amazing fruits and seafood, but more about this and other markets later!

Here are the pictures taken in front of the church (I had to keep moving around, because people came out from the big door right behind me and ended up facing the camera as well, haha) :

Shoes are from Zara, bag is second hand, skirt is Ginatricot (sale) and shirt is from Lefties. Head piece is from Glitter and sunnies from Pieces/ Vero Moda ;)

Would definitely recommend staying around here if you are going to Lisbon, which is btw the second- safest capital in EU after Helsinki (!!)

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