Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Random from my camera, Israel

I know these pictures don't have much to do with each other, but just thought they are so pretty I can't leave them out of this blog. A few of them are from the Bat Yam beach, that was 3 minutes from our apartment. Then there are the pictures with an orange tree and some colorful flowers & buildings; they are from Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighbourhood to be built after Jaffa. It was one of the very few pretty areas we saw, because most of Tel Aviv is very, very poor; you might not see it in Google pictures, but it is mostly almost like a slum, and only a few random tall skyscrapers here and there. It was quite surprising actually, I had expected something like Istanbul or even Dubai; but Tel Aviv seems to remain mainly poor. Don't get me wrong though; even the old houses with wires and satellites outside were pretty in their own way.

The few last pictures are from Jerusalem; I think everyone should visit that city at least once in a lifetime. So much history, so many stories to tell. We went on a free walking tour with an Israeli guide, and he took us around all four (Muslim, Christian, Jewish & Armenian) quarters of the old city. For anyone who has the basic knowledge of these religions and what happened to Armenians, it almost felt like history became alive right there and then. We saw Armenian families, we saw Muslims and Christians living closely to each other, and conservative Jews keeping up their traditions.

Hopefully this was inspiring for those seeking to travel this spring :)

Love, xx

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