Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Street Style

Good morning!
Today I'm back to school as normal...Last week I skipped two days (badass) because my friends were here on Wednesday and we lined up the whole day for Mrs. Carter show on Thursday. Now I need to work on my Arabic speaking skills, make an exam timetable, fix my bags, and do some general studying so that I can relax next week when we will be in Tel Aviv :)
My friend Mona took these pictures with her Nikon - camera...I tried to get similar settings with my Canon, but it just doesn't look as good?!
Oh, and I feel like we spent whole last week on Oxford Street, because the girls had limited time and they wanted to go shopping..Visitors should bear in mind that there is so much more to London than just central destinations!

Have a good (sunny) Wednesday!

Love, xx

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