Friday, 28 March 2014

A Woman's Voice

Some people say they don't like art. We'll I'd tell them they just haven't found the art they like. See, 'art', is not just one thing, one scenery painting or a portrait of an old monarch made in the 17th century. Art is not just some postmodern abstract white paper with a few dots on it. Art is so much more: to me it has always been important, because I was taught to draw by my cousin and my dad in such a young age...I always wanted to be better than them, to do more. I got accepted to a High School of Art, and carried on my passion there. However, once I let go the thought of 'competition' of my head, I feel like I've gone so much further. After High School, I was free to draw whatever I wanted without thinking of the judgement of the teacher or any classmates.Today, I barely paint or draw, simply because my room has no space and working & studying takes most of my time. You might see some interesting pieces of work between my uni notebooks, but that's about it. However, I dance a couple times a week. I listen to music every day. I try to visit exhibitions like the one above, just to keep my mind inspired. Hoping you find this inspiring in your own way too.

This exhibition was called 'A Woman's Voice' and we found it from Old Jaffa! ;)

Love, xx

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