Monday, 3 February 2014

United Nations

My Brazilian friend Mariana on the left, and Alejandra from Bolivia on the right.
The package everyone gets, including a recent report of R2P (Responsibility to Protect)
Debate about the role of Security Council, chaired by Ian Martin, Head of the UN support mission in Libya.
Networking lunch (very English to have sandwiches, haha)

UNA = United Nations Association

I was very excited the whole day !

Took pictures on the stage before starting.

The conference was probably one of the most useful ones in my life! We got to meet John Ericson, Chief of Outreach for the UN Office of Human Resources Management in New York, and Ian Martin, Former Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya.

The audience also got to tweet (I'm hopeless with Twitter, however used it throughout the conference) a lot of questions as well as to write them down, and the mike went around the audience to ask whatever came to our minds about the UN.

We got to hear the stories of those who work for the UN now, as well as how to prepare for a UN interview and what kind of experience to gain to make you more competitive.

Would definitely recommend to anyone who's planning an international career!

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