Thursday, 6 February 2014

Underground strike, London

Tube has been striking these days.
Sometimes I think that this government here
They are planning to get rid of the staff on the tube.

Raising tuition fees to 9000 despite the protests, offering teachers only 1% pay raise after all these years, and now getting rid of the valuable staff working on the London Underground. These are currently decisions that influence my life directly, and I think about them every day. Today we don't have school because of teachers striking, and I keep thinking whether Westminster is really worth all the money. I can't help feeling that I am 'paying' for my degree, even though I know there are entry standards and that I need to work hard too. It's just that, comparing to Scandinavia, I don't really feel that the British universities have motivated students. Most of the people skip lectures and seminars, or act very disrespectfully while being there; for instance, by talking loud while the lecturer is speaking, or starting to leave 5-10 minutes before the lecture is over (taking into account that they only last 60min, I think that is a sign of concentration problem, or maybe it's just a bad attitude) just shows they don't give a ******.
Maybe it's a result of having rich parents paying your school, the way they raise kids here (they are very dependent of authorities, and get walked to school up to the age of 13) and simply starting uni too early, being still just a teenager. When I was 16-17, I would have never in the world been mature enough to move abroad to live on my own and study a complex subject.
However, I am truly grateful of the Finnish High School system, where we create our own schedules, take care of our studies independently and pass examination weeks without someone pushing us around like big babies in strollers. It has been extremely useful, because it's true; in the real world, there is NO ONE to look after you. Okay, you might have friends and bosses, colleagues etc, but at the end of the day, they have their own interests, and your problems aren't anyones priority, so when u completely lean on others help, it will eventually cause you trouble.

I don't know why I'm writing this here, maybe because I am frustrated with all this, and writing it down helps. I have applied to Queen Mary University of London, that is ranked significantly higher than Westminster, and hoping truly that I would get accepted, just to see if the studying environment is more serious there. I know I sound like such a boring person now, but hey, I am not paying 9000 for fun...

Coming back to Tube strike, here you can read more about it:

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