Wednesday, 26 February 2014

International Model United Nations, London Imperial College

I didn't win the award for best delegate or most outstanding delegate, but I won an informal award for "best looking delegate"...hahah, better than nothing I guess.

If you wonder what is this meeting of geeks is all about, it is in fact the biggest Model United Nations conference in Europe! We had 1500 participants from over 50 different countries ! I have posted about MUN here previously, but this was something completely different. There is also a World Model UN (organised by Harvard University) coming up in Brussels, which I however won't be attending because I've been to Brussels and want to discover new places at this stage rather than going to same places twice.

I mentioned previously that the only minus part is high registration fees for the conferences; well, apparently, some unis fund their students?!?! In other words, they get accommodation, travel and everything for free...Well, maybe I should join student's union and suggest some funding for us too, because as we all know, it is not like UK schools wouldn't have money, just wondering where it goes sometimes..

Anyways, other things: I got a new job! They pay me minimum salary (6 pounds per hour, woopwoop) but at least the people are nice and location is very close (St. Paul's). At the end of the day, it is not all about the money, because you'd rather get paid a bit less in a place you like than get paid loads in a place you can't stand.

Alright, I will continue by doing my essay on Human Rights now :)

Love, xx

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