Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

We tried to get a taxi to Arthur's seat because of the weather, but they can only get as close as this, and then you hike your way up. Not for lazy people!

If you are going to Edinburgh and the weather is not TOO terrible, this is definitely one of the things on your to-do-list. The wind was so strong that we could barely keep walking up, and every once in a while we had to stop to hold on to something so that we wouldn't fall, hahah. I am sure it is a lot better during summer and early fall though. Last time when I was in Edinburgh I don't think I even thought about climbing up there.

The view was AMAZING! It is really hard to describe without going there yourself, and also the pictures don't give u the best image because I was mainly focusing on holding my camera so that the wind wouldn't blow it away....

The story goes that at the top of the hill was the stone where King Arthur had his sword ;)

Here are some guides to the beautiful city of Edinburgh:




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