Saturday, 8 February 2014

437 Bethnal Green Road, London

Where to go for a good & cheap haircut in London ? 
I found a great place 2 minutes away from Bethnal Green Tube station!

Happy customer :)

...Great customer service (I got a cup of tea and magazines plus good tips of how to treat my hair) plus a really girly environment, why not?
I paid 35 pounds for styling, cut and wash. It is really good for London price ranges! Last time I paid 10 pounds in some Asian place that was really dirty and uncomfortable, and realized at the end that the place was probably for just men...hahah.
However, the place is not too fancy; don't expect them using salon products etc..But you get your hair done, plus have a nice person serving you ;)
I also took their loyalty card, and will definitely go again soon, maybe for a spray tan...

Go check the webpage here.

Hopefully this was helpful for those who had gave up on getting something both cheap & nice here in the most expensive city of Europe :D

Love, xx

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