Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Nags Head, 10 James St, London

My overall feeling based on six first hours of today. First, I heard that a Model UN conference that I was supposed to attend is not available anymore due to the fact that our school society didn't put my name in the delegation. Then I got out of bed just to realize I have catched a cold, and moreover, opened curtains to see the weather is overall as grey as the pictures above. Well, just have to make the rest of it as good as I can...

This post is anyway about Model UN. It is a great way to know the real language and procedures of the real United Nations, and conferences are arranged all around the world, mostly for universities, but also colleges and even primary schools arrange their very own conferences. I have so far due to my work in the weekends made it to only one conference, in Reading University, and really liked it! I was in HRC (Human Rights Council) representing Kenya. It is really worth trying, you'll make new friends, improve your public speaking and debate skills, and gain valuable experience. The only minus is that it is quite expensive to attend often, since the registration fees can be up to 150 pounds, plus travelling and 'social' packets. But it is definitely worth it, however. I was lucky to stay at a friend in Reading, and the registration fee there was around 20 pounds, which is still ok.

Every delegate prepares a position paper that reflects their country's foreign policy before the conference.

Here is also a really good video for those interested:

Now I will go out there and make this day better! 

Love, xx

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