Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Breakfast Club, 12-16 Artillery Lane, London

I bought 'superfood' ready to eat salad from Tesco (£2), fried rice in some oil and Aromatic yellow salt, and grilled chicken in super hot pan. Yam.
INSPIRED. By The Breakfast Club, address above, webpage here. You haven't had breakfast in your life before trying them out.
The Finnish dark rye bread is something you just can't get anywhere else in the world, not even from Scandinavian Kitchen, which otherwise provides with nice products for those feeling homesick.
Avocado, Scottish Salmon, New York toasted bagel, Philadelphia, and rocket leaves (as always lol) with scrambled eggs. Can't say no more.
Berries are quite expensive in the winter season, but you can melt the cheap frozen ones in microwave for few seconds and then mix them with natural yoghurt (40p) to make your own 'berry yoghurt' ;)

How often do you cook home? We usually cook almost every day, although I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. That's because the kitchen is dirty all the time due to my 8 messy roommates. Even though anarchy should not mistakenly be associated with disorder, it is the only word so far I can find to describe the situation in our house. We have 'rules',when it comes to keeping clean, but in practise, no one gives a ******. I am soooo looking forward to moving out, sharing with less people, and finding my passion to slow, relaxing cooking again! My dream would be to have a huge kitchen full of light and space to have cozy evenings with friends...Maybe something like this?

Oh, and my petition is ready, however, I am still struggling with getting it sent to everyone's e-mail at school, due to privacy concerns...Your support is much appreciated, so here it is anyway if you could quickly click to sign. It only has 3 supporters so far, so maybe I should seriously try to promote it more. I don't want to give excuses, but lets just say it hasn't been the first thin on my to-do-list these few days though.

Hoping you got some inspiration,

Love, xx

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