Saturday, 25 January 2014


I feel like now this is starting to look more like a fashion blog, haha. But it is nice to have different things in the blog every now and then, isn't it?
Yesterday I got off work 1am (the pubs in Covent Garden close quite early luckily, but if you are visiting London and thinking of staying out later, I would suggest going to Leicester Square or Soho.) and today I have cleaned the whole flat, had traditional breakfast, started a petition, and soon going to work again.
Wondering what petition?

Basically, in UK, the tuition fees have tripled since 2011, however I always thought that that money will then go directly to schools. This is not the case! Apparently, when tuition fees were raised, the ultimate idea was that they would go UP TO MAX 9000 per year, and the Liberal Democrats behind this (Outrageously stupid) idea thought that maybe only Oxford, Cambridge and few other Russel Group  Universities would charge this amount. THEY WERE WRONG. Every school now tries to get as much as they can, which is the 9000 pounds a year (with the exception of London Metropolitan, which didn't get the permission to charge that much) and the money principals and chancellors! Not to our books, food, quality of library or whatever else you would think that benefits the students directly! And especially not to our teachers, those who are playing the key role in motivating us! In contrary, the teachers pay has FALLEN 13% since 2009. At the same time, principals average salary today is about 215,000 pounds a year! Typically UK has the biggest gaps in Europe between the very rich and the very poor, and you can still see the 'class' system here. But this makes me really angry because I am the one here paying back the rest of my life and still seeing unsatisfied teachers and experiencing cancelled seminars and lectures because of striking. Education should be a fundamental right not a privilege, but however since we are paying a lot, let us students get something back by at least having well-paid, motivated teachers.

This week there was a strike again, and therefore I decided to start a petition for justice. For some reason the page is not working yet, however there is another one you could sign here.

There is also a blog updating about these issues written by people from my school, you can access it here.

Love & Justice, xx

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