Monday, 6 January 2014

Ruoriniemenkatu 2, Lahti

That's where I am from. I don't want this blog to be too much about myself, but thought it is only making sense if you don't think I'm some kind of a creepy dude behind the computer screen.

1. I have born in Arbil, Iraq. I am Kurdish, meaning from the northern parts of the country. More information about Kurds you will find for instance at

2. I applied to University Of Helsinki to study 'Viestintä', meaning communication studies, for 3 years in a row, but didn't manage to pass the entrance exam, though I got really close. Since the entrance exam is only once every year, I had two gap years of travelling, working and then Au Pairing, which was good experience I guess.

3. In spring 2013 I was done with gap years and part-time jobs, so I applied to study International Relations in London (University of Westminster,  ) and was happy to FINALLY get in somewhere, hah.

4. So here I am, living in a dream city, though the story does not just end there. This blog is about studying abroad, missing home, having fun and being young, taking risks, and, most importantly, it\s for those who don't know where to go in this era of choices and pressures, those who are seeking advice and inspiration for their own lives. I am not a role model and definitely not doing everything the right way, but what I might be useful for is finding ideas and places to discover, stories to tell someone, both in good and bad ways.

5. I write in English for two reasons: 1. It is the most spoken (as a second language) language in the world, so I hope everyone can understand what I am saying here that way. 2. I am studying in English, so this reason is selfish; to improve my own writing skills, hahah. Just to clarify, my native language is Finnish, and I speak Kurdish (yes, we have a language, and no, it's not Arabic) with my family.

I would love to have some questions to answer here and suggestions for improvements, to that this blog will be useful to as many people as possible!

Love xx

-Pictures from Malaga, Istanbul, Lahti and Dubai-

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