Thursday, 16 January 2014

Foot Locker, 109 Oxford St, London

Yeyyy! Airmax costs 58 pounds in Footlocker now! I never thought I could get my own pair since the prices have been around 100 or above, but now I could get them as well!I chose a black pair for practical reasons; I need black shoes to have in the pub that I work for, hahah. But maybe after my salary I will go for the red/silver ones as well. 


Anyway, this post is about fresh fruits. A bit boring maybe but I know many people value them. Also, they are a lot nicer in UK than in Scandinavia, if you ask me. Yes, you can get them even if you were not from a tropical country, and no, it doesn't have to cost much. The best way here in UK to get some is to go for street markets, that usually start around 10 am and last until 5-6pm. You can get great offers just before the stalls are closing. I had a 3 hour gap in uni and already felt sick so I came home now and picked some fresh mangoes on the way (not literally, the most tropical place in London is probably the zoo or Hyde Park) from the market. Three for one pound, and they are perfect; a bit soft when pressing, and the color is green/red. More information about the cheap markets in East London  here. I know that you can also get some fruits from Portobello Road (stop at Notting Hill Gate) but they are not as cheap as the ones in east.

The backpack is from Primark, one of my all time favorites!

Also, yesterday me and my friend Alejandra booked ourselves to United Nations Association Youth Conference, that is held in Edinburgh 1st of February. There is going to be some UN staff all the way from New York, as well as some UK delegates of UN. Also, it is possible to network and get careers advice, so it might be beneficial for the future. I will definitely post about it here later on for those who might be interested.


Ok, this post included everything from new shoes to mangoes and UN, but hopefully it was some nice reading. I will go back to uni now and then will have a dance class in Studio 68. Even though my nose is leaking and I keep sneezing which probably indicates that I shouldn't go, hahah. However, I am working the whole weekend so this would be my only chance to dance a bit. I don't know how some people manage to work more than 25 hours a week, do all the uni work and then have a LIFE. I work 16 hours and still feel like it is hard to find time for hobbies, friends etc. Maybe it is all a matter of how well organized you are.

Love, xx

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