Tuesday, 21 January 2014

East End Thrift Store, Assembly Passage, London

What do you think about buying clothes second hand?
I think it is one of the greatest things to do - every piece of clothing has it's own 'story', and makes me think; who wore this before me? How old is this? Where has it been made? Not like I'd really ever find the answer, but at least I know the story is more interesting than knowing someone made the clothes in a sweatshop within dehumanized conditions and from there it ended up to an overpriced retail store. Second hand clothes are also the greenest choice - what a better form of recycling? Plus - the items are not something you'd see every other person wearing on the streets.

Therefore this post is dedicated to thrift shops; lets embrace them and support great fashion! In Finland, you can rent a table  easily from thrift shop owners, and at the end of the week, all the money you got from selling your clothes there is directly for YOU - only a small percentage of your sales will go to the owner of the place. However,  this kind of arrangement doesn't exist in UK as far as I am concerned, though you could sell stuff online on e-Bay etc. However, there are some cool places to go in London that are really cheap and not just expensive vintage..These include:

  The East End Thrift Shop
  The Absolute Vintage
  Many charity shops

...And many other good places around Mile End and Brick Lane. Oh, that is where they also have the best 24/7 bagel place around town, but I will write about that later :)

PS. East End Thrift Shop has this offer going on sometimes; Fill a bag of clothes for 5 pounds! Cool, huh?

Love, xx

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