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Curriculum Vitae

How to write a simple CV that the employers will remember out of hundreds they get?

#1 Keep it simple!

#2 Be PROUD of yourself (this is especially for modest Scandinavian people), because if you are not, then who is? They don't know you, so you need to convince them you are the best person that has ever walked on earth. In one page.

#3 No 'real job' experience? Write down volunteering! It is always appreciated and shows you're active.

#4 It is not a bad idea having something different and cool in the 'interests' section; If you just put 'reading' or socializing, they don't really care. If you instead put something relevant, such as 'I like to keep myself fit, and share the joy of movement, therefore I play football and train the junior team occasionally' --> This first shows you are in good shape (and can carry heavy stuff, haha) and second shows you can teach others and have then some sort of team leading skills.
To make you feel better, I had 'I enjoy following media and keeping myself up to date by watching news daily' in my first CV. Like I was the only person on earth watching news...loool.

#5 You could have 1-3 different CVs, with different experiences for different types of jobs you are looking for. I don't have many because I used to work for an agency that recruited me to work pretty much everywhere from retail to restaurants and cafes, so it is already relevant thinking of the part time jobs I need now.

Here is my CV: (It looks a bit messy because the bullet points are not there, but I'm sure you can read it)

                                                            Rita Rasheed
                                  ****************************, E20BE London, United Kingdom
                                                                     Mobile: ************
                                              e-mail: ritarasheed@hotmail.com

Personal Statement
If you are aiming to hire a well-experienced, conscientious and dedicated employee as a part of your team, I would be delighted to have the chance to show my skills. The three years of working in department stores, catering business and within PR developed not only my team working and communication manners, but also relevant knowledge to work independently and flexibly when needed. I have a multicultural background which helps me to communicate with different people and understand their bases. As a worker I am both creative and discipline, and used to work hard for my goals. However, I also know the importance of asking for help when needed and helping out others whenever I can.

Key Skills & Achievements
·        I speak three languages fluently; Finnish, English and Kurdish. Moreover, I have the basic knowledge of Spanish and Swedish.
·        Excellent computer skills – I am writing a blog online about travelling and fashion, however I also manage Word, Excel, PowerPoint and several photo editing programs very well.
·         Full, clean driving license. Accordingly a Finnish Hygiene Proficiency Certificate.
·        Commendable organizing skills; having irregular timetables and sometimes many jobs at the same time has taught me to prioritize and arrange my own schedules.
·        During my three years in the special High School of Arts, I finished a Diploma in Contemporary Art and got elected to be the President of Students Union. I also attended a Scandinavian project which aimed to increase the interaction between several High Schools. Active participating was beneficial since I gained international connections and broaden my horizons. It also developed great management skills and tolerance towards stress.
·        Experience from working both independently and in various teams. Also self- developed PR-skills from organizing events like store openings, fashion shows and concerts for young people. I advertised and informed people about the events, and also held speeches and announced on the local radio for the campaigns. The work itself was hectic but gave me the joy of seeing my own creation tangibly. Nevertheless I managed to progress quickly even without previous experience.

Compact employment history
·        Personal Assistant - Winter 2012 and Summer 2013
Independent care work for two disabled people with different needs, in the summer 2013 I was replacing a nurse for four         weeks and took care of tasks like the customer’s medication, hygiene and house holding.  In winter 2012 I was a part-time worker for a private employer.
·        Staffpoint – 2011 until 2013
Part-time working in hotels, bars, restaurants, department stores and coffeehouses. The shifts were irregular and my work included everything from tourist guidance to learning how to make a proper Italian style espresso. Scandic Hotel and SK Entertainment Group were some of the biggest companies I worked for. I learned not only essential skills when it comes to customer serving and retail work in general, but furthermore independence when it came to quick decision making and working under pressure.
·        Cubus – Winter 2011-2012
Included strong team work within a Norwegian clothing brand. Working in the store built up skills in customer service and sales. Furthermore, as sales assistant my job was to give customers style advice, visualize the store, take responsibility of closing and check accountancy.


·        The University Of Westminster, BA International Relations and Arabic – 2013 until 2016
·        Tiirismaa Upper Secondary School, Finnish High School Leaving Certificate with average grade of 8.5/10 and completed ‘Ylioppilastutkinto’ – degree corresponding British A-levels.

·        I enjoy street dancing and used to hold my own class for young girls to learn the basics. I also have a passion for travelling; seeing the world can sometimes teach more than any book will ever do.                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                      References are available on request.

There are also some sites that help you with writing a good CV, the one I used, by University of Kent, was here.

Love, xx

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