Sunday, 12 January 2014

CINEMA AND ARTS CENTRE, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road

This weekend was busyyy! My Friday was so much fun though, we went to a bar in Shoreditch and danced to good old 90's Hip Hop music until they closed, which was around 2.30 pm. Then on Saturday we started our day in a English Pub Chain called Whetherspoons; they basically have the cheapest food & drinks deals around London, all having the same owner. What is different is the pub names for some reasons, however the menu and the ads stay the same. My favorite one is called Half Moon, located in Mile End/ Stephney Green area. This is what it looks like:

Definitely worth trying, I would say!

From the Pub my Saturday continued by work in 'The Nags Head', a pub in Covent Garden. I worked from 2pm until 1 in the morning, and got home even later since the Tube was closed, so nothing exciting about that...

Then, today we have been just chilling, preparing for uni & work, and went to see 12 years a slave movie, during of which I cried the whole time. Having read previously of how some people in this world are still, maybe not physically, but money wise used as slaves, makes me sick of the system. For instance, in Japan TODAY they use homeless people to clean nuclear centres, without proper education, and paying them under the minimum wage. So some today are still the 'slaves' of our societies, reasons of 'us' being well, though it is harder for us to see that. My lecturer suggested once that there is no good or bad, there is just money and power and those who have it and those who don't. I think that's why I study International Relations, I want to know if there is more to justice than just what we see (and have seen) so far.

Well, enough that, what I found also was a new great cinema to discover, address is above in  the post title! A combination of a bar/art exhibitions/cinema/chilling room/theatre was amazing, and right around he corner from where I live. Closest stations to reach the place would be Aldgate East and Shoreditch High Street. I am thinking of even getting their membership now, hahah. The place is called Rich Mix.

In England (and elsewhere in Central Europe) it is OK to drink alcohol in Cinema, which is quite cool.

Now it's too late to stay on computer, I will write more tomorrow. Remember to visit & support this kind of independent cinemas, so that we can still have them in the future!

Love, xx

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