Wednesday, 8 January 2014

114-120 Regent Street, London

''The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.''
           -Oscar Wilde

That's where my story started. First job in UK, and I would lie here if I said I liked it. They say 'that's London retail, doesn't get any better, they always treat you like an idiot'. Well, every stereotype came true while I worked for Inditex Group, won't specify here which store though. It is not completely true that all retail jobs are like that, there are certainly many great stores to work for, maybe other than those of Inditex (Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear etc...) then :)

Wheter you are thinking of studying abroad or just having a gap year and gaining experience, you WILL need a job. You can't just chill in London, at least. Au Pairing is one option, and some pubs and hotels offer a contract that includes food and accomodation as a salary, and then some pocket money. Having experienced Au Pairing, and heard some stories about how those pub owners can take advantage of offering you a place to stay, I would not firstly recommend those options. Especially if you go abroad to experience the new place, not to work your ass off and being able to have no free time at all. Also, it is nice to go 'home' after work rather than living where you work. But this is, of cource, a matter of taste only.

Sooo.....How to find a job then? It's easy! Or at least, easier in big cities than in smaller towns. Depends on what you are willing to do, hahah. Here is some basics to start with:

-Fix your CV. There are plenty of websites when you google 'how to write a good CV.' It is not that hard, just remember: keep it CLEAN. They won't read your lifestory, regardless to how interesting it may be. Also, UK CVs don't include a picture (this is different from Finland). Be proud of yourself; say what you did and always add '....and this taught me....and there I learned....therefore I can.......' It is literally an advertisement of you.

-Apply EVERYWHERE. Literally, in Metropolitan cities, choose a street and tell yourself: 'I will drop my CV in every single store, cafe, gym or office that I see on my way. I will promise you; at least one of those places will get back to you. Internet and online applying is great, but it is a fact that they'll remember you better when they've seen you. And it shows them you really want the job. And know where the place is, lol.

-DO NOT be picky. I have done everything from assisting old people to pub working. Cool? Maybe not, but if you don't take the smallest opportunities coming to you now, how do you expect to get the big ones in the future?

-When you pass your CV in a place, ask to see the manager and drop it straight to him/her. Also, wear something nice, and add that little extra smile to stand out of the masses applying there. For instance, I wore silver (one pound) nails from Primark this weekend when applying for jobs, and everyone was complementing them. It is a small thing, but later they might remember you; 'Heyyy, you're the one who had cool nails, how are you?' ;)

Here are some good sites (some only useful for those in Finland) to get you started:

And finally; USE YOUR SKILLS! If you speak a foreign language, get a language-related job, for example freelance translating! If you play basketball, see if you can train a group somewhere. If you are well organized, see if an office needs someone to do their paperwork. There is so much out there if you only keep your mind open!

My look today in Karen Millen interview, now I will change and run for a danceclass!

Love (and good luck job hunting), xx

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