Tuesday, 7 January 2014

1 Cambridge Heath Rd, London

''They say time is money but really it's not, if we ever get broke girl then time is all we've got.''
          -J. Cole

Ever wondered whether moving abroad is expensive? Well, depends on where you go really. However, London is craaaazy expensive, I'm not going to lie. Everything costs, the money literally starts flying out of your pockets when you leave the front door. Tube (I am a student and with my 'discount' zones 1-2 cost me 80 pounds a months, so about 100 euros), rent (750 pounds for a double ROOM a month, that is almost 1000 euros for sharing your shower with 6 people) and school (9000 pounds a year, thanks Democrats) are the most expensive things here. But it doesn't mean you would have to be rich or something, it's not like all the people in school have rich parents to pay them. I get support from the Finnish 'KELA', similar to GOV.UK, and they give me 470 euros a month, for free! It is truly amazing, I know so many countries where that kind of arrangement would never be possible. It is also a good idea to get a summer job before you leave, for instance I was a personal assistant and gained 2000 euros of savings in one month, and I am still spending that money. Also, get someone to split the rent with you! In  room share websites  you have the chance to 'buddy up' with some people, meaning you would together rent, for instance, a flat of two rooms, and split the rent then. After that's done, as I said, money flies here, so get a job! I will post about this later, the good news is, it is pretty easy to get a part-time job in London. There you go! End of saying 'I can't go because I haven't got no money in my pockets.'

What is cheap then? Let me show you....

Cotton Pads, 40p (about 50 cents)

Honey, 1.2 pounds (about 1,5 euros)

Spaghetti, 20p (About 35 cents !!!)

Spices, around 30p-2 pounds

Grocery shopping! Don't we all love it? Okay, maybe not, but it is necessary to eat, so it's good news anyways.
The best and cheapest places to go are definitely big Tescos and Sainsuby's. Why big ones? Because there you will most likely find the shops 'own' brands, that cost close to nothing! I can easily have my days food shopping for 5 pounds or less by just buying 'Sainsbury's basic' , or Tesco 'Everyday Value'.

Also, get loyalty cards to these stores. If you go to your local store every day anyways, you might as well get some cash back.

Okay, the rain stopped and sun is out again, I will leave the house now. Hopefully this was helpful to you!

Love, xx

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